What’s Testimonial?: The Fifth Amendment in the Digital Age

One of the perils of our increasingly-connected lives is the extent to which many of the constitutional protections we rely on in our non-digital lives either do not apply or work differently when applied to our electronic devices. Perhaps the most important example of this lies in fifth amendment jurisprudence, or what is more commonly … Continue reading What’s Testimonial?: The Fifth Amendment in the Digital Age

Starving the Beast

Editor's Note: This piece was originally published on Roosevelt's national blog under the title "Roosevelt@: Starving the Beast: How the SALT Deduction Exposes Conservatives’ Economic Strategy." During last year’s tax debate, one particularly contentious issue involved the state and local tax deduction, commonly known as the SALT deduction. A mainstay of federal tax policy for decades, … Continue reading Starving the Beast

Break Up Amazon

Last Friday, Amazon announced its plans to acquire Whole Foods for $13.4 billion. This was the latest in a series of acquisitions by the company, which now owns Twitch, a video game streaming service; Zappos, an online apparel retailer; and Diapers.com, an online retailer for childcare essentials. This latest acquisition represents another milestone in Amazon’s … Continue reading Break Up Amazon

Voting Should Be Easier, Not Harder

Democracy works best when all citizens have a say in the policies that govern us. However, there is a real sense of pessimism about our democracy, and our youngest voting age adults are among the most underrepresented in our politics. Especially in state and local elections, young people’s participation is incredibly low. In local elections for the East Lansing City Council in November 2015, the five precincts located on Michigan State University’s campus had a voter turnout rate of 1.15%.