Roosevelt @ MSU Featured in 10 Ideas

The Roosevelt Institute's premiere student publications are the 10 Ideas journals. Published every spring, the 10 Ideas journals aim to showcase the best ideas from Roosevelters across every policy area, from education to foreign policy. They are an important resource for us in our lobbying efforts, and the launching point for broader projects of policy change. This year … Continue reading Roosevelt @ MSU Featured in 10 Ideas

Voting Should Be Easier, Not Harder

Democracy works best when all citizens have a say in the policies that govern us. However, there is a real sense of pessimism about our democracy, and our youngest voting age adults are among the most underrepresented in our politics. Especially in state and local elections, young people’s participation is incredibly low. In local elections for the East Lansing City Council in November 2015, the five precincts located on Michigan State University’s campus had a voter turnout rate of 1.15%.

After a Global Journey, Refugees Turn to Local Organizations

The teacher is at the front of the room drawing triangles and writing out mathematical formulas on the board. Some of your classmates look confused. You’re mystified. The information is complex and entirely new. You don’t understand most of what your teacher says, and you don’t speak english. When you go home, your parents cannot help with homework, as they are only conversationally fluent, too. You are in a new place where the people don’t dress like you, speak your language, or understand where you came from.