Roosevelt @ MSU Featured in 10 Ideas

10 Ideas

The Roosevelt Institute’s premiere student publications are the 10 Ideas journals. Published every spring, the 10 Ideas journals aim to showcase the best ideas from Roosevelters across every policy area, from education to foreign policy. They are an important resource for us in our lobbying efforts, and the launching point for broader projects of policy change.

This year Roosevelt @ MSU was proud to have pieces from two of our members, Vishnu Kannan and Jonas Higbee, selected for publication in the new 10 Ideas for Education. Vishnu’s piece focused on creating an alternative ninth-grade history requirement that focuses on nonviolence, with the ultimate aim of preventing bullying. Jonas’s piece, on the other hand, focused on capping the amount universities can spend on athletics per student in order to reduce tuition costs.

As well, the upcoming 10 Ideas for Human Rights includes a piece by one of our chapter heads, Brigid Kennedy. Her piece aims to require Michigan law enforcement to inform survivors of human trafficking of their right to apply for a T visa to stay in the United States. This policy change would increase the quality of life of survivors and make investigations of trafficking rings easier for law enforcement.

All of these pieces are fantastic reads. They deal with important issues, and provide an excelent introduction to an interesting policy idea. Further, though, they are demonstrations of how good student-written policy can be. In a political landscape that increasingly treats young people as passive consumers of policy, it is important to give students a way to express their policy ideas to a larger audience. At Roosevelt @ MSU, we are proud to provide students with that outlet.