Break Up Amazon

Last Friday, Amazon announced its plans to acquire Whole Foods for $13.4 billion. This was the latest in a series of acquisitions by the company, which now owns Twitch, a video game streaming service; Zappos, an online apparel retailer; and, an online retailer for childcare essentials. This latest acquisition represents another milestone in Amazon’s … Continue reading Break Up Amazon

America’s Abandonment of its Role Abroad

President Trump has proven in the short 140 days of his presidency that his “America First” ideology is nothing but dangerous isolation. While the president has struggled in carrying out many of his more specific goals and promises (tax reform, repealing and replacing Obamacare, infrastructure, building a wall) this one broad belief in self-imposed American … Continue reading America’s Abandonment of its Role Abroad

Promoting T Visas: A New Approach for Helping Survivors of Human Trafficking

The way we understand human trafficking is fundamentally flawed. It’s informed by the media we consume daily, from news broadcasts to blockbuster films. Our understanding of trafficking is a reflection of our culture: a culture that prioritizes women’s “purity” and white bodies. These narratives have led to the creation of bad policy. The people who … Continue reading Promoting T Visas: A New Approach for Helping Survivors of Human Trafficking

Threats to the Grid in the Age of Cyberwarfare

On June 17th, 2010, Sergey Ulasen was at a party when he received a call from one of his clients, an Iranian company. Ulasen worked at VirusBlocAda, a small computer security firm in Minsk, when he came across a curious report from an Iranian client. The clients’ computers were caught in a “reboot loop”, turning on and off repeatedly, and on-site technicians were unable to reassert control over them. In the following days, Sergey Ulasen remotely accessed the computer in order to examine the operating system. He located the worm, which was exploiting an unknown bug in the Windows operating system.