Russia Looks West, and the US Should be Wary

On Thursday, September 14th, Belarus will see an influx of Russian troops participating in joint exercises with the Belarusian army in the largest Russian military exercises since the end of cold war. These exercises will cover a vast amount of land, from Western Russia, to throughout Belarus, to the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad on the … Continue reading Russia Looks West, and the US Should be Wary

America’s Abandonment of its Role Abroad

President Trump has proven in the short 140 days of his presidency that his “America First” ideology is nothing but dangerous isolation. While the president has struggled in carrying out many of his more specific goals and promises (tax reform, repealing and replacing Obamacare, infrastructure, building a wall) this one broad belief in self-imposed American … Continue reading America’s Abandonment of its Role Abroad

European Security is American Security, Now More Than Ever

As long as the United States has existed, it has maintained complex and important diplomatic and military ties with Europe. Since the second world war, these ties have become increasingly important to the broader security of the world. Arguably the most important is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which began on April 4th, 1949 with the signing of the North Atlantic Treaty in Washington DC. The premise of NATO was simple: the signatories would form an alliance, one that would bring their forces together in military exercises and on the battlefield.