Why Foreign Policy Matters

Consider the avocado, the “alligator pear,” the foundation of guacamole, and essential ingredient in avocado toast. In the 2000’s, avocados began appearing throughout the United States, offered everywhere from Subway to the finest restaurants in New York. Avocado consumption has risen to the point that during the 2016 Super Bowl, Americans consumed nearly 139 million pounds of avocados. In fact, the production of the fruit is a billion-dollar industry.

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Being young people who are interested in public policy is weird. There’s a persistent assumption that we don’t know what we’re talking about, or that we somehow don’t understand enough about the world to have an informed opinion. Further, though, there is a belief that our basic assumptions of how the world should work—that people working full-time should not live in poverty, that people deserve available and affordable health care—are a product of the naivety of youth. This is, needless to say, deeply condescending.